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Arleen Godwin
Hello, I stopped in your office last week and had a nice chat with your colleagues about the trip you arranged for my friends, Fred Adler and his companion, Raimonde. Fred and Rai are old friends of my husband, who was also an Australian, and they had asked for help on their arrangements with you. I think Fred was a bit skeptical, but all went smoothly and he requested that I thank you personally for all your travel expertise in arranging their 'overland trek' to their Nice home.
Since I travel a fair amount myself, I will certainly keep you on my list and recommend you to others.
Sincerely, Arleen Godwin

Fred Adler
Thank you for your Email.
Regarding the trip ,it went very very well" organize " up ; well done. The hotel and arrangement went very well
When I have completed my CD,I shall send you a copy.
Best regards
Fred Ray

Michel & Victory Roussotte

The trip is unforgetable. We were a group of 28, mostly american and australian. The train was very comfortable and the staff very attentive to our satisfaction; the
food was good, imaginative with some russian specialties and the wines generous.
We had interesting excursions in each big cities we visited with very competent guides. We even learned a few russian words and a song (kalinka).
We had our dream trip fulfiled and will remain very happy for a long time.
Best regards,
Michel & Victory Roussotte

Louise Hellwig

We were very pleased with the arrangements you made for our Emperor Transsiberian tour (request # 618), 17 days Moscow to Vladivostok with stops in Yekaterinburg and Irkutsk/Lake Baikal. We have recommended you on TripAdvisor and to TrailBlazer Guidebooks.
To be honest, we were a little nervous, arriving in Moscow with only two e-mails and one or two phone conversations with your tour organization. But the transfers, hotels, guides, train tickets, etc. all went like clock work. We felt supported every step of the way. For example when one of our drivers wasn't sure we understood his explanation of how to find our train (which track, etc.), he called some number on his cell phone and your representative on the other end explained it to us in perfect English.
We had personal tours of the Kremlin in Moscow, sites associated with the murders of the Romanovs in Yekaterinburg, Lake Baikal, and Irkutsk. The guides (Sofia, Anastasia, Galina, and Inne) all spoke excellent English and were knowledgeable about their subject. Galina in particular made the Taltsy Museum of Wooden Buildings and the Limnological Museum, subjects that might not seem the most interesting at first glance, quite fascinating. Inne took us to tea at her mother’s home, took us to the outlet store for the local chocolate factory after we expressed fondness for Russian chocolate, and went out of her way to drop us off at a local market when the tour was over. In Moscow Sofia tipped us off about the flea market at Izmaylovsky Park, which had interesting offerings and good prices in retrospect.
The hotels were all very good, and we loved the massive breakfast buffets. We appreciated the fact that you got us lower berths on all the trains.
One suggestion we would make concerns phone access. Fortunately we had a US cell phone set up to operate in Russia. Our driver was not there to meet the train in Yekaterinburg, so we called the number you gave us on the itinerary and the driver showed up in about 15 minutes. This was another example of your great support. However, we were very fortunate to have a cell phone. There were pay phones at the station but they required some kind of card; they did not take coins. It might be a good idea for you to provide a card (if one card works all over the country) and instructions on using a pay phone. The phone number is not so useful if one doesn't know how to use the phones.
Overall we were extremely satisfied with the arrangements you made for us, the transfers, the guides, the hotels, and the whole experience. We would recommend you to anyone.

Pia Korhonen

Hi Natalia,
I came back home just thi Monday. We had a wonderful trip, so rich that we both are still trying to absorb everything seen and experinced. Thank you for your great professional help in putting all the pieces together.
I will recommend this trip to everyone, and mention your office if applicable.
Highlights of our trip included observing the beautiful and varying scenery from the train, having a grazy new years party with fellow passingers in train, climbing Great Wall, Chinese Dinners and exotic spirit of UlaanBaatar (their markets and those freezing temperatures).
It was a challenging start to loose luggage (Nicks) before the start of the trip. Just hoping that it is still to be found, and knowing that we´ll laugh even to that bit later on.
All the Best,

Alvy Curtis Paul

Dear Maria -
I want you to know that I have finally returned home from my trip to Eastern
Europe and you should know that all went perfectly with our Trans Siberian
trip. Everyone was there to greet us and it went off without a hitch. All
the guides and drivers were great!! Dealing with your company for this part
of my trip was an absolute delight. Thank you so very much.
Alvy Curtis Paul

Mary Ooka

Dear Natalia,
My traveling companion and I are at Domodedovo Airport on our way home now. We have a little time before our flights, so we I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your excellent service. All transportation arrangements you made for us worked perfectly. Your drivers were all courteous, punctual and excellent drivers. The train arrangement from St Petersburg back to Moscow was also good.
Again, many thanks to you and staff for your outstanding service. I would not hesitate to recommend you and your company to anyone who would be making a trip to Russia.
Kindest regards,
Mary C.P. Ooka

Gene Feldman

I just wanted to say thank you for everything your company did for us. We got our tickets just fine in every country and everything went great (and we weren't ripped off.) Such a trip is a brave undertaking and it's great that you guys made it so simple for us.
Thanks again,
Gene Feldman

Phil Tuhill

Dear Natalia
Just a quick note to tell you that the trip is now finished, and it was more or less everything that I was expecting. Thank you so much for all your efforts to ensure an enjoyable tour, everything went so smoothly and both myself and my daughter are grateful to you for that.
Thank you again, and with best wishes
Phillip & Sarah Tuhill

Phil Mielke

Hello Natalia,
I just wanted to drop you an email. My father and & I really enjoyed our Russian/Mongolian adventure! Everything that you had booked or reserved for us happened just the way you said it would. The tours were just as advertised, and the guides and drivers were always on time (or very close to it).
In particular, the agency you worked with in Irkutsk seemed to really care about us. They provided a detailed schedule of the five days events when we arrived. And the tour guide and driver saved our dropped camera by backtracking several kilometers while on the tour.
The train tickets, although not exactly what we initially wanted, worked out perfectly. We certainly appreciated being in the middle of train cars where there was not the extra noise of the bathroom, samovar or provodnitsa.
We realize that we probably could have gotten some things for less money, as we did in Ulan-Ude and Mongolia. But the tickets, transfers, hotels and tours you provided were certainly good and required no extra effort by us.
Thanks for making the trip very memorable and hassle free.
Phil Mielke

Mary Ooka

My sincere thanks to you for your outstanding service!

Juan Heredia Escolano

Dear Natalia and Maria,
I would like to inform you that the trip booked through you has been very pleasant and successful. Thank you.

Rob McKenzie

Thanks for your email. I have just returned and I was planning to email you with comments.
Overall I am VERY happy with the organisation. All went very smoothly and I met some very nice people. I would like to have you convey to Vladivostok
Tour Company just what a really pleasant young lady Marina is; she did a brilliant job showing me around and was good company.
Could you please email me Galena's surname (Lake B homestay) as I want to write to her (she does not have email)?
There was a little confusion regarding time to leave Moscow. It mentioned on itinerary that it had been brought forward but I thought that was to 4.30 as
stated. It was not a big issue as I worked out in time the situation.
The other thing was I wondered if I needed to register in each place I stayed as my Lonely Planet Guide said this. I found out at the end that it is only if you stay in one place more than 3 days but it may be a good idea for you to advise customers of this in future so they do not worry about it.
As I say though, I am very happy with everything you organised. If I go back to Russia (and I would really like to) I will use you guys again. Thank you!
Please feel free to use this email as a testimonial.

Reuben Hintz

I just wanted to say thank you. I picked up all three tickets with no problem at all. Thank you for your help in setting up my trip!
Reuben Hintz

Bonnie and Ginger

Dear Natalia and Maria:
We wanted to let you know that we arrived safely back in the US and had a wonderful time in Russia!
Thank you so much for all of your assistance.
Everything went very smoothly and was on time and efficient.
We enjoyed ourselves tremendously.
Here is a foto of us in Red Square, posing as KGB agents. ha!

Betty Wilson
We have had an absolutely wonderful time in Russia. Things started out a little rocky in Listvianka - not because of the remoteness (which was neat), but because we just weren't prepared for some of the attitudes regarding providing services, ie - a doorman who watches you struggle with the door but won't help :)
Happily, Moscow and St Petersburg have been absolutely fantastic, the hotel's have been wonderful, the guides very knowledgeable (especially Dan and Pauline), the buses great, the drivers helpful and the programs wonderful.
Our sincere thanks for all of your hard work on making this a memorable trip for all of us.

I hope you are well.
Just to let you know that my trip to Russia was MAGICAL. It exceeded my wildest expectations. Everything worked out perfectly well. I was happy with the hotels, the excursions, the guides and the transfers. I know I am a difficult and demanding client, and would like to thank you for your kindness and patience.
In future I will most definitely like to visit Russia again and I would recommend your agency to anyone else who wishes to go there.
Kind regards

Aurora Ferreira
Dear Maria
I enjoyed my trip to Russia and the Tour Guides were very good. I especially enjoyed having Ilona as my Moscow guide and I had asked for her e-mail address which she gave me.However I sent her an e-mail more than a week ago but as yet have not received a reply.Could you possibly contact her and let her know,mabe she can e-mail me i'd appreciate it very much.
Best wishes
Aurora Ferreira

Jim Clark
Dear Travel to Russia:
I wanted you to know that I recently completed a one week excursion to St. Petersburg using your service for the first time. I was especially pleased with my guide, Tatyana Churikova and with my driver, Alexander Beloyev. Both of these young people were very friendly, professional & knowledgeable. Additionally, my travel agent, Maria Yurova was a great help in getting the trip organized and finalizing all of the details. I have nothing but praise for your company and the people who work at In-Russia. I will recommend this site to anyone in America that expresses an interest in traveling to Russia and I fully intend to use your services the next time that I travel to your beautiful and wonderful country.
Thank you for a great trip!!!
Jim Clark

Shaw Steve
Hi Elena,
im back home from russia glad you helped us make our trip enjoyable...we had good time on both trains and our driver was waiting for us on dl flt 30 even though we were over an hour late arriving into moscow... the city is alive for sure... we free-lanced most of the was very sad of course about the two flights and the blast at the moscow subway...and when we returned to find the tragedy in southern russia with the much more has to be done to make our countries safe from terrorism....i pray we can make a system that will make both our countries stronger and safer from those whom would try to destroy peace in our was a great pleasure working with you and your firm ... if you should ever need any info please feel free to contact me...God bless respectfully Steve Shaw

Cheryl L. Maibusch
Elena - I just wanted to let you know how much of an asset you have in Tatyana in St. Petersburg. She was absolutely wonderful! She really did double duty having to say a lot of things twice, first in english for us and then the high points again in russian for Andrei. Andrei really liked her too as she engaged him in conversation very well. We also appreciated the part of her service when she was actually able to help us with our train from St. Petersburg to Moscow by helping us find our car and then find our compartment within the car. We would have been so lost without her! Our driver was also very courteous and friendly and prompt as well. If we ever make it back to Russia we will certainly contact your agency for all the details. We won't hesitate to pass along our experiences as well. Thank you also for all your efforts to arrange the perfect venture for our family. we truly enjoyed St. Petersburg and are glad we decided to take the side trip after all.
Sincerely, Cheryl L. Maibusch

Dear Maria - It is with deep regret that I did not get to meet you. I was so looking forward to seeing you however my time on the last day in Moscow was very limited as I had quite a bit of shopping to do and did not want to miss my transfer to the airport.
Thank you so much for all yor assistance in making our trip such a success. My family and I had an amazing vacation and I am sure that we will definitel be back to get more!! Russia is such a beautiful country and to experience it even for such a short time was indeed a privelege. Like yourself, I found the people to be so warm, caring and kind and your hospitality was much appreciated. I will send you some photographs soo. looking forward to dealing with you again soon.
Best regard

Mary Marks
Maria, Thanks for arranging everything. We are especially grateful for having had the best guide in all Moscow--or all of Russia, perhaps. Zhenya (forgive the spelling) was a treasure. (Does she have an e-mail or postal address where we could write to her?) Beyond that, our accommodations worked out very well.
Best regards,
Mary Marks

Rosemarie Lanyon, USA
Maria and Elena, We had a great time on the trip. We loved the hotel in Beijing and would certainly recommend it to others. The guide and the outings in Mongolia were great. The hotel was comfortable. The kids all enjoyed the chance to ride horses and we all very much enjoyed the stay at the national park in the ger camp. We saw the wild horses and the big horned sheep. The sheep were especially fun to see because even the national park guide had never seen them before. We also loved Ulaan Ude. It is quite beautiful there. We had lots of fun with our guide. I think she and her staff were the best of the trip. Irkutsk was a nice city but I am glad that we went to Listvyanka to see Lake Baikal. We loved Moscow. The guide there was also very good. St. Petersburg was also beautiful and the guide there was not only a very good guide but she went out of her way to solve our problems and make sure we were comfortable. We all had a great time in London. The air conditioning in our hotel wasn't working so they moved us to one of their sister hotels which turned out to be the five star Courthouse Kepinski (sp?). The people in the first hotel were very nice and obviously went out of their way to make us happy. I would happily stay in their hotel anytime. That said, we love the Courthouse Hotel. It was in a great location and it was a very nice hotel. We felt lucky to stay there considering how much more it would normally cost. All the trains were fine. They varied quite a bit in comfort levels but they were all perfectly comfortable. The train from Moscow to St. Petersburg was by far the most luxurious. It was very helpful to have people meet us and deliver us to the various trains because of the language difference.
I do want you to know that the trip was wonderful and I was very happy with all you did for me. I would be happy to talk with anyone considering your services and let them know how great you both were.
Thank you. Rosemary

We will contact you again when we travel along Transsib - we found your site very easy to navigate and your booking format is great.. Renate

Roberta, Italy
Gentile Natalia, vorrei ringraziarla per l'assistenza durante il nostro viaggio, la Russia ci e piaciuta tantissimo e con la vostra cortesia ed efficienza avete reso molto piacevole il nostro soggiorno.

Fabio, Switzerland
I'd like to thank you so much for your collaboration and kindness. Surely, as soon as I have time to come to Russia again, I will contact you to organize my trip.

I just wanted to let you know how much Emma and I enjoyed your tour of Moscow. We particularly enjoyed the cathedrals, the flea market, the museum of the Great Patrotic War, and the Puskin Restaurant. The Puskin Restaurant turned out to be the best food we had in Russia (in fact the best food we have had in most places). I would love to go there again. The tour could not have been under the worst circumstances - visa problems and the attack on Emma in the Metro. We discovered tonight that the thieves did get away with 700 Philippine pesos (about $12.00). We were very fortunate to get the bag back with our airline tickets. Even among these trying circumstances, we had a memorable experience. I think the cathedrals brought the necessary tranquility we needed under the stress at the moment, but a lot of the credit goes to you and the great job you did. Even though we purchased many souvenirs, Emma and I were talking about items we missed and places we wanted to see. So you may see us again. I shudder to think about another visa. I am going to write to the Russian Embassy in Bahrain about the visa fiasco. I suppose it should be addressed to the Charge' d'affaires, but you said it should be the Russian Consulate. You worked very hard to get our visa extension at the airport and Emma and I really appreciate it. Matt also worked very hard and we appreciate his efforts. Thanks again for you efforts and we hope we hear from you.

Neil Galloway
Thanks so much for everything. We have finally arrived home. All in all, we had a fantastic trip. The Russia/Mongolia stuff was well organized and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We liked where you cut costs for us as well. Doing St. Petersburg on our own, getting picked up in moscow at the train but not dropped off, and etc worked out really well and let us explore a bit on our own.
By the way, Svetlana was by far the best guide we had on any part of our trip.
Our apartment in Moscow was awesome and were wondering how someone could book it on their own and how much it would be.
Talk to you again,

Massimo, Italy
Dear Elena,
my holiday in moscow is finished. I wanted to thank you because everything has been perfect. Till next time.

Steve, USA
Dear Natalia,
I had a very good visit. I enjoyed the tours especially. Sincerely, Steve

Diane McIntyre
My husband, my friend, Sharon, and I will be taking the early August Golden Ring Moscow to Moscow cruise. We have been working with Elena for several months -- first with our general questions, and then after we selected our cruise and booked it, with a variety of more specific questions, as well as having her book train tickets for us. Elena has been consistently wonderful -- prompt, responsive and totally thorough. And in each of her emails, she has established a warm, friendly and welcoming tone. I wanted to let you know how pleased we have been and continue to be. We are very much looking forward to our upcoming trip to Russia, and will be happy to recommend In Russia to other friends. Best,

Aziza Cassim
Dear Maria, Thank you so much for all yor assistance in making our trip such a success. My family and I had an amazing vacation and I am sure that we will definitel be back to get more!! Russia is such a beautiful country and to experience it even for such a short time was indeed a privelege. Like yourself, I found the people to be so warm, caring and kind and your hospitality was much appreciated. I will send you some photographs soo. Looking forward to dealing with you again soon. .spaSIba

Dana Isherwood
Dear Elena: We had a wonderful time taking the Trans Siberian Express from Beijing to Moscow. Our week in Irkutsk and Baikal was especially interesting. Using the Hovercraft to get around Baikal in May was the perfect choice as the ice was still intact around Elkhorn Island and in various other parts of our journey. We had good weather for most of the days. I doubt many foreigners have seen Baikal in May. It is quite beautiful. A few flowers, a bit of green, bare trees, and the lake ice. We used the hovercraft to look for Narpas on the ice and with binoculars were able to see quite a few-none close-up of course as we didn't want to disturb them.
Best wishes,
Dana Isherwood

Ray Robison
I sincerely thank you for the professional manner in which you processed my Vietnam Visa application (it arrived just a few minutes ago). Unfortunately there are too many businesses that promise something and never come close to living up to expectations. You have exceeded mine (that seldom happens). Please feel free to use my name as a reference/testimony to the great quality of service that you and your organization provide.

Jennifer Falzone
Perfect, first-class service. I can't thank you enough for getting me my passport so quickly in time for an important trip. I will highly recommend your services to friends, family and business associates.

Sunil Moothedath
Thanks for sending my pasport back in such a short time , everything looks OK. I am really pleased with the great I have received from you and will definitely use youn whenever I may need and would definitely recond your services to others.
Thanks again
Sunil Moothedath

Rachel Miller
From this side of the ocean I was very pleased with your efficient service. I do have one recommendation. It would be good to provide a map or at least more specific directions from the Metro Station to the Moscow Office that registers the visa. I spent nearly an hour and half looking for it. No one in the area knows the street. I am fluent in Russia, I was able to ask directions several times (probably at least ten times) but someone who does not speak the language would not have that on their side. In the office they printed out a map very quickly and I discovered that it was less than a fifteen minute walk from the Metro. A map would be helpful.
Thanks for your quick work in getting the visa!
I plan to do business with you again.
Rachel Miller

Giri Anand
I really appreciate your due diligence in getting my Indian visa in a timely manner. I really liked the prompt communication updates via email, Fedex tracking etc. I'm glad that I did business with Travel pro. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend your excellent service to my friends & family. Please keep it up!
Giri Anand

Arup De
I am absolutely dumbfounded and stunned at the lightning efficiency of your company. I cannot believe that I mailed you my passport at 2pm on Tuesday from upstate New York, and I have my passport back in my hand with the Egyptian visa Thursday. Even though I have it in my hand, it simply does not seem possible. It is just incredible!
Thank you. I cannot wait to recommend you to all of my friends that may need visa assistance in the future!
Thanks again,
Arup De

Amber Q.
I just wanted to write and say how wonderfully pleased I was with TSRTO's service. My husband and I planned a fabulous anniversary trip to Brazil and then left very little time to get a visa. I spoke with a number of companies that said that they needed at least 7 days. TSRTO was able to do it in 5 days. Not only did they come through on their promise, but they fielded numerous nervous phone calls and emails while I was waiting for the visas. Thanks to your company we made it to Brazil. I will DEFINITELY use TSRTO in the future should I need a visa in a hurry.
Amber Q.

Thomas Conrad
I just dealt with a stressful situation of needing a visa to Brazil on short notice. I do not live in or near a city with a Brazilian Consulate, and visas to Brazil can be complicated. Fernando at TSRTO saved my bacon--or, more specifically, saved my trip to Brazil. They were great to work with, sensitive to my stress, and got me my visa on the day before my departure. I highly recommend them and TSRTO.
Thomas Conrad
Seattle, Washington (bound for Rio De Janeiro in the morning)

Stephanie Thurman
I received my visa yesterday, everything looks good! Thanks for the quick service, everything was very professional and well done. Definitely a great value! I'm glad that I chose your service out of all of the other options. Thanks again.
Stephanie Thurman

Marty Rafter
Dear TSRTO Team,
I wanted to say thank you for your help and support in getting my visas to Russia and China, as well additional passport pages. My parents received the complete passport last week - which was right on time when you said you would get it back to me - it just took a week for them to get it mailed to me here in Germany. Your service was excellent, just as you advertised, and I will most definitely plan to use your services again and refer you to any friends who need services that you provide. Thanks again!!
Marty Rafter

Philippe Harscoet
I got the 2 passports and originals with no problem :-)
I want to thank you very much for your excellent service.
Your website was very helpful, you answered my appointement request on a Sunday, reaching you by phone was fast and easy and my questions were answered, emails were always quickly replied to and the whole process was a lot easier than I anticipated.
I will surely recommend you to anyone who gets in the same stressful situation I got myself into.
Thanks again,
Philippe Harscoet

Caitlin Hagen
Hello Maria and Elena,
My friend and I received our passports today, with our new Brazilian Visas inside. I want to thank you so much for your excellent customer service. I appreciated being able to call with any questions--and actually speak to someone in the office! The clear instructions on your website as well as your amazingly quick results made the process simple and painless. I will absolutely be recommending TSRTO to others, and hopefully using your services again myself. Thank you!
Caitlin Hagen

Doug van Aman
I want to take this moment to commend your service. I am sitting in the airport and awaiting my flight to Germany as I write this, which would have been impossible without the fine efforts of your team in helping me replace a lost passport in less than 8 hours. I have already told three others about your fantastic service. Rest assured, I will tell more. I wish your team all the best. If ever you need the reference of a highly satisfied customer, please do not hesitate to call on me. Thank you!
Doug van Aman
Chief Marketing Officer

Cindy A.
Dear Sirs:
I wanted to let you know I just received my visa .. thank you so much. I'm not sure if you saw in my passport but I travel a lot - in the past year I've gotten visa's for India, China & two for Russia. In all my time working with visa company's I've never found one that is thorough, timely response, sensitive to needs as this company. I can guarantee going forward I won't use any other company. In addition, our company travels a great deal and I plan to ensure they use you guys also. Thanks, Cindy A.

John K.
Thank you. We have received our passports. I am quite impressed with your efficiency and customer service. I shall gladly recommend you to my friends and colleagues. Kindest regards, John K.

Richard L.
Got my passport back today. You guys are great. Excellent service and continous monitoring and updates. Thanks so much. Regards, Richard L.

Carol K.
I received my visa on Saturday as promised! I don't think I have been that excited in years. Thank you again for all your help. I look forward to the new experiences and vodka.

Udo K.
Just a quick note to let you know that we received my wife's US Passport and her Original Certificate of Naturalization. Please allow me to express my appreciation for your prompt service, thank you. As the opportunity presents itself I will definitely recommend your firm to others.

Gene P.
Dear All,
Wanted to say Thank You, for the way TSRTO expedited the process of my visa. Furthermore was extremely pleased to know I would be receiving my old passport again simply for the sentimental value of the countries I frequented in the past. Your company has been no less than perfect, and will gladly recommend family and friends. Between travel time, fuel, and down time the additional expense was well worth it. Once again THANK YOU. Sincerely Gene P.

Robert R.
All in all, I’m very impressed. Even when the US government said You’re screwed, you guys came through. I told everyone at my Rehearsal Dinner about what you guys were able to do, and everyone was very impressed also. Paperwork submitted (basically on Thursday), and passport on Friday.
Again, thank you very much. If I ever hear of anyone needing a passport, of course I’m going to fully recommend your service instead of taking a ‘chance’ on dealing directly with the Dept of State, even if they have 4+ weeks before departure. Risking a non-refundable trip is not worth saving a few bucks from going through the process alone. Thanks again- Robert R.

Caroline B.
Dear Maria,
Thank you! Boy I appreciate having your help after such a bad mistake. Thank you for letting me call you on the 4th and keep in touch on the 5th. It made life easier.

Darrin S.
Hey Elena,
Just received my passport. Once again, thank you guys so much for your help. I will definitely recommend your services to any friends in need of an expedited passport. Thanks, Darrin

Katherin V.H.
Dear Maria,
We got our passports, complete with visas, back today. Thank you so much. The website is Trip Advisor, and many people post on their St. Petersburg forum asking questions about visas and visa support. I put in a plug for you and your company, and from what others have posted, you are indeed the most reasonably priced service. Please feel free to use me as a reference for potential customers who request references. Thank you again.

Brian B.
Dear Maria: You have made my Thanksgiving. I would love to share a word about your most helpful company. I'm not sure exactly how but as I write often to Lonely Planet Thorntree I will definitely start there. Tomorrow as I enjoy treating my French guests to a modified French, American dinner I promise that we shall raise a glass in your honor. Brian B.

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